Infographics and Playing Cards –
How does this connect?

2013 Skat is celebrating its 200th anniversary. On this occasion we designed an illustrated game instructions on two double pages in our IN GRAPHICS Vol. 6. While we researched on this subject we discovered remarkable facts about playing cards in general:

The Magic of Playing cards

Red and black cards represent day and night — the four suits stand for the seasons. There are 52 regular cards — just as much as weeks in a year. Every colour consists of 13 cards — the moon circles around earth 13 times. The values of one suit combined count 91 (ace = 1, king = 13) — the number of days per season. The number seven marks excatly the middle of all values and represents the days per week. All cards combined add up to 364 — nearly the number of days in a year. One joker fulfills the 365. The second one cover the additional day of a leap year. And even more mathematical curiosities could be found.

Math and Design

Our ambition was fuled and we started to design cards which are graphically just as stringent as their counting system. The back design is based upon a pentagram, the symbol of our agency. Working with the "golden section" it is easy to create such a pentagram or spiral. But not only the back of the cards but also the front is based upon those rules. All this was done while maintaining the symbolism of the international design, which concern the weapons, the accessories and even the line of sight. The spiral on the back – based upon a pentagram – form the hair and beards but also redraws the aces' suit symbolism. Even the symbols have been redesigned for a distinctive appearance of both the red and black suits into a light and a dense. And naturally even the composition of those symbols follows a distinct rhythm.

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As an little extra we added a bidding and game value table for Skat from the IN GRAPHICS Vol. 6 article. If this card is used as the third joker and two decks are combined you are even able to play Canasta. In order to play Skat the two jokers and the cards from two to six need to be removed. The table can also be downloaded here as a PDF file. It is licened under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. Bidding and game value table as PDF


The deck was printed at the Nürnberger Spielkartenfabriken, who are known for their high quality. It can be ordered for 4.50 Euro with prepayment. The deck consists of 52 cards (Poker size), plus 2 joker and one game value table. It is wrapped in a cling film with a golden pull tab.
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